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Lesbian School_Masterbation

Lesbian School Masterbation

By Tina - Feb 12, 2006 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 244845 The school I was attending in Athens was one of the strictest in the area. The teaching staff consisted mainly of humorless spinsters and a few old men.
By now, I am certain, that most of these unorgasmic female teachers must have died and wherever they might now be they surely are still proud to be virgins! The main regulation that was really pissing me off was the fact that we had to wear a stupid school uniform. This consisted of a blue skirt, white shirt and white socks and only the last three years of high school we were allowed to wear tights! I joined this school when I was about 18. At the beginning I had practically no close friends. I was feeling very lonely and was showing no particular interest in classes. In other words, I hated every moment of it.
One day I finally discovered that I could be different from all the others. I could do something that no other girl ever thought or, if they did, didn't have the guts to do. Twice a week we had film projections in the auditorium of various subjects. Twice a week for 45 minutes, in the safety of the darkened auditorium, I was giving myself some of my most satisfying orgasms! Yes ! Slowly and secretly I was masturbating and bringing myself off whilst no one had the slightest idea of what I was doing. It started one day during a boring geography film.
Once the lights were out, I slid down on my chair to get a bit more com comfortable and, as usual, doze off. By doing so, my pants cut right into my pussy. I tried wiggling my ass but instead of improving the situation, my pants went further into my slit. This gave me a mixed sensation. It was definitely uncom comfortable but the pressure on my clit was sending different messages. I looked around. There was only one girl, Eleni, to my left and no one to my right. I had my coat on my lap and slowly, I slid my right hand under my skirt until it reached my pants. My fingers found their way under the elastic band and pulled it right out of my pussy but my fingers stayed there slowly caressing my already excited sex. I closed my eyes and continued teasing my cunt, which was getting wetter by the minute. Eleni was paying no attention to me so I spread my legs slightly to allow better access to my pussy. Boy was I wet! I pushed my middle finger right into my cunt and then started rubbing my clit which was hard and sticking out. I was so excited by the fact that I was masturbating next to another girl at school and no one knew what I was doing, that I climaxed in a matter of a few minutes! A small sigh escaped my lips.
She looked at me and said: "Boring isn't it?" With my hand still on my pussy I nodded and closed my eyes. I felt so good and so relaxed. After a while I slowly brought my fingers to my mouth... From that day on, every time we had to view a film, I would go to the auditorium after passing first from the toilets to remove my pants. Sometimes I would sit right at the back with no one near me. Then, as soon as the lights were out, I would lift my skirt right up com completely exposing my already dripping pussy, shamelessly spread my legs wide apart and masturbate using both my hands. With my left hand I would spread my pussy wide open and with my right hand I would rub my clit or fuck my dripping hole with my fingers.
Sometimes I was even inserting a finger up my asshole! I was masturbating and fantasizing all short of things but mainly I was thinking of a girl who had introduced me, when I was 18, to the pleasures of lesbian love. Every time I was thinking of her I had to touch myself. I was often masturbating at home before drifting to sleep but my orgasms at school were by far the strongest and most satisfying. I am sure now that it was the danger of getting caught or maybe the fact that I was doing something that was absolutely forbidden. Slowly I became addicted to masturbating at school. Twice a week in the auditorium was not enough for me anymore. I was trying to find a way to touch myself in class, in broad daylight. I hated doing it in the toilets but I had no other solution until I made a wonderful discovery.
That stupid uniform skirt had two side pockets. Ripping a hole into one I could have direct access to my pussy !!! Oh yes, I could now touch myself in class, in front of everybody and the only thing I had to worry about was how to camouflage my orgasms. By then, we started wearing nylon tights and this was a real pain. No access at all. This is the reason why I started wearing stockings, not the ones with garter belts. My mother wouldn't allow it, but simple long nylon stockings with elastic top. They stayed in place and allowed free access to the top of my thighs and my panties. (whenever I was wearing one) I loved going to school without any pants on. It made me feel so naughty.
Eleni was often sitting next to me in most of the classes but never seamed to notice anything so, I guess I became a little less careful. Maybe deep down I wanted her to know. I often fantasized about her. She was very pretty, natural red hair, with cute freckles on her face and lovely green eyes. I was wondering what her pussy would look like. Would it taste differently? She was not very tall and her tits were small, round, very firm and usually she was not wearing a bra. She caught me many times peeping down her shirt each time she would bend down and she would always just smiled at me. I was realizing that I had the hots for her and was racking my brain trying to find a way to get into her pants but she beat me to it.
She, one day, realized what I was doing in class! As she said to me later, she saw the glazed look in my eyes and heard my soft moan when I climaxed. That day, after school we walked home together. She was silent and I felt that there was something bothering her. "What wrong Eleni?" I asked her.
She stopped, looked right into my eyes and asked: "Tell me the truth Tina, what were you doing in class?" I wasn't expecting that question and caught me off guard!
Flushed and embarrassed I said: "In class? What class? Nothing! What do you mean?"
She grabbed my arm and said: "I know an orgasm when I see one. Don't be embarrassed. You are not the only one who does that! But tell me how do you do it at school?" My eyes never left hers as I took her hand and guided it deep into my torn pocket. As her hand brushed over my pubic hair she gasped and, for a second, half closed her eyes. "You horny bitch!" "Now you know how I do it all the time and every day, at school. I don't know why but it turns me on immensely!" I whispered to her.
She slowly withdrew her hand, gave me one of her lovely smiles, took me by the arm and started walking with me. "You are quite something! You know that? I underestimated you!" she said. She then invited me to her house as both her parents were working and we could be alone As soon as we were in the house she came to me from behind, put both hands in my skirt pockets. She gently kissed my neck sending shivers all over my body and her right hand went straight to my pussy. She started caressing it working her finger into my waiting and very wet slit. "Tina" she whispered in my ear "I want to masturbate your horny cunt. I want to make it cum with my fingers just as you made it cum with your fingers at school!"
Her dirty talk made me even hotter "Oh, YESS Eleni, take my cunt, make me cum I'm yours. I'll spread my cunt for you. I want you to fuck me. Take me! Take me now! I'm your slut, I'm your whore. I'll do anything you like. I want you like crazy. I want to fuck you and lick you all over!" I couldn't believe these words were coming out of my mouth. I was so horny I couldn't think straight. We tore each other's clothes right there behind the front door. God, she was beautiful! Her tits were small but perfectly round shaped with nipples that were pink and very hard. She had the cutest ass I've ever seen. As far as her pussy was concerned, it was just pure magic. Thick red hair was covering her glistering wet pink lips! I had never seen a red pussy before. As a matter of fact I had only seen two pussies before. Rita's and Mary's, my cousin. They both had thick black pubic hair.
"What?? Why are you looking at me like that? What's wrong? I know I haven't trimmed it for a long time..." she said.
I then realized that I was staring at her pussy "Oh no baby it's just so beautiful..! Don't you ever dream of trimming it. I love it as it is!" With that, I gently caressed it with the tips of my fingers. Her hair was very soft and long. I approached my mouth to her lips. She closed her eyes half opened her mouth and melted into my arms. Gently at first, our lips touched. Eleni let out a sigh and glued herself to me. She was holding my head with both her hands and her tongue was probing deep into my mouth. Our tits were touching and my nipples were sending charges of pleasure all over my body. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her lower part of her body on to me, grinding my wet cunt onto her thigh. We broke our kiss to get some air and I looked deep into her misty green eyes.
"Have you ever made love with another girl before ?" I asked her. "No" she replied "but some months ago I saw a lesbian porno tape and ever since I can't get it off my mind. I fantasize that another woman is licking me and I masturbate almost every night with these thoughts. When I realized today, that you were somehow rubbing your pussy in class and that you even had an orgasm right there, I felt like screaming. I was so turned on.. I wanted to kneel in front of you right there in the class, lift your skirt and lick your pussy the same way I've seen these lesbians doing each other in the film. I don't know if that makes me a lesbian too but I don't care. I want to make love to you"
She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom and lay on her bed. I stood there looking at this beautiful naked girl in front of me. I climbed on the bed and knelt between her legs. I gently started massaging both her tits. She was moaning with her eyes closed. I bent forward and closed my mouth on her right breast. I sucked and licked both tits until she was moaning really loud so I slid down her flat stomach made a stop at her navel and slowly continued my way down. I felt her pubic hair tickling my chin, covering my mouth, nose and finally my eyes. She was ever so soft. I went on rubbing, very gently, all of my face on her silky red hair making sure I wasn't touching her clit. She was squirming allover the place and I had to hold her down with both hands, spread her legs and finally press my mouth on her very wet slit driving my tongue as deep into cunt as possible. I was in heaven! I was lapping and sucking as there was no tomorrow.
What a wonderful cunt she had! It is true that red haired cunts have a taste of their own! It was intoxicating. I glued my mouth on Eleni's cunt and started to suck on her clit. There, another surprise was waiting for me. The clit, which came to sight when both my hands spread her swollen lips, was enormous, long and hard. Like a baby penis. I fell on it and was sucking and licking it getting waves of pleasure myself right down to my pussy. I could feel my juices running down my thighs.
Eleni had gone mad. She was screaming all short of obscenities "OHH YESSS ! Suck me ! Harder, HARDER. Lick my clit! Eat my cunt! OHHH, AGHHH, I'M COMIIIIIIIING Oh, Tina" She came in a gush as I was gulping down all her cunt juices. My head was spinning and my cunt was throbbing as I felt a giant orgasm racking my body too. "Ohhh GOD I'm COMING TOOOO." I was shaking uncontrollably as I collapsed on her sweaty body. It took us sometime to recover as we lay in each other's arms kissing and caressing.
Eleni couldn't believe that I had cum without even touching myself. "Well" I asked her " was it as you were dreaming it would be?"
"Oh Tina, it was one million times better. I never expected that so much pleasure could ever exist. " We lay in each other's arms talking for quite a while. She wanted to know all about my experiences with other girls. As we talked we were getting hot again. I could feel her pussy getting wetter. I was dying to feel her giant clit on to mine.
I was wetter than wet "Let me show you my favorite way of making love" I said to her as I sat facing her crossing our legs. I pulled her to me until our pussies met. I spread mine with my fingers and asked her to do the same. As she pulled her cunt wide open her clit stood out. I brought myself close to her until I felt my clit being crushed by hers.
"Fuck me now Eleni. Fuck my cunt. Rub your clit on to mine. Rub it hard and fast. That's it. OHHH that's it. Fuck me. Your clit is like a cock! Give it to me. OHH baby!! My cunt is on fire." She was loving it too and between kisses she was making sure I knew exactly how she felt " Oh Tina Yess, I love it ! I'm fucking you now! I'm fucking your cunt with my clit. Do you like my clit? Isn't my cunt different from the other cunt you had before?" "Oh YES baby, OHHHH, yes! I've never had such a cunt before. I LOVE IT!!! Rub it baby, RUB it" I pulled away grabbed both my legs and pulled them on my chest exposing my cunt and asshole "Rub your clit on my asshole. FUCK ME" I could feel her hard clit probing my asshole and then sliding back on to my cunt again. We were acting like two possessed women until we climaxed together screaming and moaning. It took sometime for us to calm down.
As we were holding each other my eyes drifted on her alarm clock " Oh my God, my mother will kill me! I forgot to call her!"
"Call her now and tell her you had lunch with me and that we will study together for an hour or so.
Let me talk to her. She can't scream and yell at me..." We went to the lounge, called my mom and Eleni managed to calm her down before she passed her on to me. Whilst I was nevertheless getting my lecture from her, I couldn't help but smile as, there we were both of us sounding very serious, stark naked, with glistering cunts, smelling of sex... My mother was still on the phone, when Eleni knelt in front of the couch I was sitting, spread my legs and with smiling eyes buried her nose in my well fucked pussy. Her tongue was driving me wild but there was nothing I could say. I was trying to cut my mother short but she kept on going, I kept on saying "Yes, mother" and Eleni kept on licking and sucking my pussy. I was almost in tears from the effort I was making not to moan or to come up with something like " Yes, baby lick my cunt"
When I finally hung up, I spread my legs wide open saying "Oh you lovely bitch, I'll kill you if you stop" "Did you think that I could ever let you go home without tasting my first pussy??" Eleni proved to be a very fast learner and a very sexy lover with plenty of imagination and humor. The following day at school Eleni guided my hand into her pocket and ...yes, you guessed right, there was a hole in her pocket...and yes! You guessed right again! She had no pants on! All of a sudden we both loved our school uniform! We wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I will not go into further details now, I'll only say that we both had a hard time that particular year to get passing marks in almost all subjects.

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