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How do I find lesbians in my area?

How do I find lesbians in my area?

Okay, so dating is hard enough as it is. Going out, finding someone worth talking to, and then trying to find out whether they're single, interested and not a total loser... imagine, on top of that, trying to find out whether they're interested in your gender to start with! When I go out, I would never approach a girl. I always assume that she's straight - even when I'm in a gay bar. After all, gay guys often bring their straight female friends out with them. So how do I find lesbians in my area? I could go up to each girl I see and ask, but that gets a bit embarrassing after the first few times... One way you could find local lesbians is by joining your local LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) society - most universities have a branch who have regular socials, including speed-dating! If there is not one near you, however, things can get tough. The same goes for gay bars - if you are lucky enough to live somewhere with a large gay/lesbian scene, then your chances of finding someone is more likely than if you live in an area that does not tolerate or respect gay/lesbian people as much... So what do you do then? Well, other than asking around and hoping your friends can hook you up? As you're reading this, I can assume you already have access to the wonderful invention that is the internet. There are hundreds of dating sites all over the internet, where you can find and meet local lesbians in your area.
So, what are these lesbian only dating sites? A quick search tells me that Date and lesbian.matchmaker Lesbian Matchmaker are pretty popular lesbian only dating sites. They let you specify where you live, so that you can find lesbians in your area - I searched and found a lot of pretty hot girls who lived just 4 miles from me! Plus, of course, you have the advantage of being able to find out a lot about someone before you contact them and meet up - but the awkwardness of having to ask their sexuality is gone! Most dating and matchmaking sites (including those 2 ) will let you register for FREE as well, so you can see whether you like the sites before upgrading to a better membership. What have you got to lose? Who knows who you might find!

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