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By Kat - Feb 12, 2006 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 100478 Erin was fifteen years old, and over the past year or so, had been increasingly aware of her own sexuality. She was raised in an upper class home, and in her family, sex was just something they didn't speak of. But, of course, it was a big subject among her friends, and at school. Erin was curious about it, but she felt it was wrong, somehow. Her family wasn't overly religious, but there was just this atmosphere of repression they had. Maybe it was a rebellious streak, but Erin gradually began to fantasize about exposing herself. The idea of others looking at her, excited her. Her family had a big home in a housing plan, with a nice pool inside a fenced-in yard. And every year, they took a trip to the beach. So, Erin did a lot of swimming. When she was younger, she always wore a one-piece bathing suit, being shy about how lanky and scrawny she felt. But then, she started to fill out, her narrow hips getting a bit rounder, and her breasts swelling out to fill a 34 B cup. She knew she was still "skinny" and sometimes looked at bustier girls with envy. But she also saw a kind of lithe, svelte beauty in her own form -- and she thought others did too. She was tall, slender, with straight blond hair. A classic beauty. The previous summer, she picked out a modest bikini to wear. But at the beach, she admired the daring of girls wearing tiny, string bikinis -- she saw one girl, about her age, who looked nude from the side, except for strings, and the sight kind of excited Erin. This spring, she went with her mother to the mall, and kept picking out the skimpiest bikinis she could find, which her mother vetoed. "Your father would never approve." Erin's mother held up the collection of strings and small bits of triangle cloth. "No way are you wearing this in public." "Come on, " Erin whined. "Look what everyone else is wearing!" Her mother just rolled her eyes, and Erin had to get another rather conservative suit. But later, with her friend, Brooke, who was a year older and could drive, Erin went shopping again, and they both got the tiniest string bikinis she could get, giggling as they left. When Erin's parents were at work, she had Brooke over and they layed out in the sun, in their tiny bikinis. Because of the fences around the pool, the neighbors didn't really have a view of it. But the second story windows were visible, and Erin imagined some of her neighbors might see them. "So, did you do it with Lucas yet?" Brooke asked, with a glint in her eye. Lucas was Erin's sixteen year old boyfriend. "No, but he sure is trying!" "So what's holding him back?" "Me. I just don't know if I'm ready yet, " Erin said. "You look ready." Brooke smiled. They laughed. Erin told Brooke about how they'd made out a few times, but Erin never let Lucas pull her panties off. But it did get pretty hot and heavy once. Brooke was more experienced, and had already done it with a few different boys, and she vicariously shared the experiences with Erin. Brooke was also very attractive, with larger breasts than Erin, and a more womanly body. Erin really didn't know anything about lesbians. And the few times, when Brooke kissed her and hugged her, she didn't think much of it. She also didn't think much of the many compliments Brooke paid her, when they laid out together in their bikinis. One weekend, Erin had Brooke stay overnight at her house. Erin's bedroom was downstairs in the basement, her parents' were upstairs. Erin and Brooke stayed up watching movies for a while, and talked. Brooke sat behind her on the couch, and massaged Erin's shoulders for a while. "Oh, that feels great, " Erin said. Brooke kissed her on the neck, just a quick peck. When it got real late, they decided to go to bed. Turning out the lights, they went to Erin's bedroom. Erin went to use the bathroom, and when she came out, Brooke was already in her bed, with the covers pulled up over her breasts. Brooke's shoulders were bare, and Erin wondered if she was nude. "Ooh, we're sleeping in the same bed!" Brooke said. "What do you wear to bed, Erin?" A sudden heat came over Erin, and she had this desire to get undressed in front of Brooke. "Nothing, " she lied. She usually wore a nightgown. Erin slipped her shorts and panties off, and stood there in her T-shirt. She didn't have a bra on underneath, and she was excited and nervous about taking her T-shirt off, in front of Brooke. Maybe it was the cool summer night air, but she was just excited about being nude with someone else looking at her. Here goes nothing, she thought, and lifted her T-shirt up over her head and threw it on the floor. The air seemed to wrap around her legs and her breasts. Erin was excrutiatingly aware of her own blond strip of pubic hair, which she'd shaved down to almost nothing for her bikini. Time seemed to move in slow motion, as she felt Brooke staring at her, while she walked around to the side of the bed. Erin felt her breasts bobbing as she walked -- she'd never walked naked in front of somebody before. But it was strangely exciting. "Nice tan lines, " Brooke said. It made Erin very aware of the white skin around her nipples, which she felt acutely, exposed to the air -- and Brooke's eyes. She turned out the light on the nightstand, and slipped into bed, under the covers next to Brooke. Her whole body felt like it was tingling, with warm and cold flashes. The covers slid across her nipples, and they throbbed. Erin felt a wave of pleasure at that. They talked for a bit, a little about sex, but it was very late and then the girls eventually fell asleep. Sometime before dawn, as a dull gray light shone outside the bedroom window, Erin dimly awoke, and felt the covers all tangled about from the way the girls had turned in the night. Erin's desire to be exposed came over her again, and pretending to still be asleep, she slid out of her covers, to lay, nude and exposed. Brooke stirred after a while and sat up, while Erin still feigned sleep. Brooke kissed Erin lightly, just a brush of lips. "Rise and shine, sleeping beauty, " Brooke whispered. "Ooohh, " Erin crooned, stretching like a cat. Dimly, in her mind, she was enjoying the idea of Brooke looking at her body. Erin wasn't thinking of anything lesbian -- it was the idea of being exposed that was stimulating. But Brooke had a different idea, and kissed her again, longer this time. One of Brooke's hands tentatively touched Erin's side, near her ribs. Erin kissed her friend back, and felt Brooke's fingernails. "Tickles!" Erin whispered, huskily. Brooke flattened her hand out and slid along Erin's stomach, across her navel. "You look nice, Erin." Brooke kept kissing her friend, moving down her neck with light pecks. "Do you like this?" "Yeah, it feels nice, " Erin said. Brooke's hand slid up and cupped one of Erin's breasts, and Erin felt like she'd been shocked. "Oh-oh, " Erin said. "That feels very nice. What are you doing?" "Just kissing my friend." Brooke just touched and caressed Erin for a while, brushing her hand up and down Erin's breasts, lightly touching the nipples, her sides, her navel. After a while, Erin just felt hypnotized, knowing that Brooke was staring at her naked body, touching it. She'd never felt such pleasure, and she just kind of felt like she was in a trance. Erin had her thin legs spread slightly -- her lips down below felt swollen. "Do you want me to diddle you?" Brooke asked. "Wha-what?" Erin mumbled. "What's that?" "You know, " Brooke said. "Rub you between your legs, make you come." "I don't know. I've never let anyone touch me there, " Erin said in the slightest of whispers. "Not even Lucas?" "No." "Well you do it to yourself don't you?" She was reluctant to admit it. "Yeah." "It feels much better when someone else does it for you." Brooke slid her hand down across Erin's belly and pubic hair, but didn't touch her vagina, just yet. Erin's belly jerked, and she arched her back -- she was hypersensitive. Brooke caressed Erin's thin legs, touching the skin of her inner thigh, gradually spreading her legs a little wider. Muscles in Erin's thighs jumped, and Erin's mind was roaring, at the idea of someone else touching her like this. Erin was suddenly very embarrassed and self-conscious, to have another person touch her this privately -- an act that in her mind was always associated with secrecy and shame. Brooke's fingers lightly brushed Erin's pussy lips, and Erin let out a low croon, like a little girl. Brooke just touched, lightly, going up and down. She felt the wetness on those lips, and then slid a finger partway into Erin's vagina. Erin tensed up, and slid upward on the bed. Brooke swirled her finger out, and pushed Erin's pussy lips apart, working them with expertise. Something in Erin's mind released her inhibitions, and she gave herself over to Brooke and the pleasure she was feeling. Brooke kissed Erin passionately, and Erin kissed back. Brooke set up a rhythm with her hand and Erin's body, rubbing. Every so often, she eased the pressure, and moved her fingers elsewhere for a while. Brooke was enjoying seeing her friend, in this trancelike state, writhing in pleasure. As her fingers returned to Erin's pussy, Erin lifted her hips in anticipation, crooning like a baby. Finally, Brooke decided to stop teasing her young friend, and increased the pressure of her fingers. Erin matched the pressure, pushing her hips up to meet Brooke's hand. Erin stuck her arms over her head behind her, and clutched the bedboard, and her toes curled. "Oh-ooh, yes, don't stop now!" Erin yelled out. Brook's expert hand rubbed Erin off, and Erin felt and incredible release, as the muscles in her lower belly contracted intensely. Erin lost all sense of time or space. She held on to the rungs of her headboard, and pushed herself up against Brooke's hand, for the incredible release of the passion inside of her. "Shh, your parents will hear!" Brooke said, kissing Erin to silence her moans, as Erin came for nearly a full minute. Erin just lay there, panting, legs spread wide. She realized how tightly she was gripping the posts of her headstand -- her fingers felt cramped. As she came to her senses, she was again slightly embarrassed. "I've never let anyone do that to me before. Not even Lucas. That felt sooo amazing." Erin said. The girls pulled the covers up around them, and lay in each other's arms, sleeping until late in the morning.

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