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A Brief Biography of Abi Titmus

A Brief Biography of Abi Titmus

Abi Titmus, 32, is a presenter for Television X. She is the ex girlfriend of former TV presenter, John Lesley, and is former nurse. The 'Titmusfication' of the British media is astounding. Like haemorrhoids the constant appearance of the scantily clad Miss Titmus is a constant irritant to people of a certain age. Short of releasing pictures of her kidneys (exclusive only in nuts) I'm not sure what part of her body she will be showing us for her next! Familiarity breeds contempt. Like Linda Barker who assured us " I like it.. I'm sure you'll like it too" over exposure and over estimation of your own worth are a terrible combination. Like so many 'D listers' you are left wondering who exactly are there people? Where as the famous derive status through achievement and skill, mere celebrities acquire status merely from being celebrities. It is a sad day when a Ellen Macarthur can sail round the world non stop yet be less well known then a girl whose best known achievement is a lesbian sex video. The monster of celebrity must be slain! Do we really want to laud the Jade Goodys of this world who mutter classic lines such as " what's a 'sparagus'?". In many ways I think that Reality TV serves an important civic function in that it allows normal well adjusted human beings to compare themselves to potential D list celebrity fodder and thank god that they are someone else. Its Car Crash TV at its best, the kind that is horrific but strangely compelling at the same time. Sadly it also serves as a springboard for failing celebrities to re-launch their career and raise their profiles. Which would be great were it not for the question of who exactly did watch celebrity love island? At times you have to wonder if some of the contestants on these shows have just had major brain surgery or whether you are watching a new form of vacuum cleaner. Why is it that going on 'I'm a celebrity get my out of here' entitles you to release Mysterious Girl AGAIN? The mind boggles. At least the Crazy frog knows its irritating does Peter Andr_? I think not. It is times like these that I feel that ASBO's are not being used properly! If ever there were a case for electronic tagging and removal from society here it is. In the words of Homer Simpson "I know I'm not usually a praying man, but if you're up there, please, Superman, help me!" James Lamb is an independent journalist for SEO tool and magazine dawjee dawjee .

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