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Carmen Electra Article

Marie & Maria Mexican Twin Lesbians Incest

Marie & Maria / Mexican Twin Lesbians Incest

By Marty Sto_t - Jun 5, 2010 14186 I was doing some contract work in a 5 star restaurant in the middle of the night. Working on a motor housing for a large beer cooler. I was laying on the floor with tools scattered around. I went to get up to get some tools from my truck. (Damn was a mexican woman standing there watching me) I the first thing I noticed was the cleavage. She had about 8 of tight cleavage between the 38's she was packing. Her tittles were more then 3/4 out in the open. I thought, Nice set of Hooters, I felt like jumping in between em.
I said, Lady those boobs look good enough to swallow. With hesitation, she grabbed the hem of the collar and pulled it down revealing those hooters. Her tits were 38es W/ a at least a large C, maybe a D cup. Nipples like the tip of my finger and areolas was dark pick. You like? You like my Tits she said in her broken english.
I asked who she was. She said, I am Maria, the housekeeper, I clean restaurant all night. What are you doing she asked. I'm working on the cooler I told her. Oh Goody, I can help hand you tools, She squatted down with her feet flat on the floor. Her short skirt rose up. (Oh WoW, No panties either) her baby butt smooth pussy was staring at me glistening threw the build up of her female sexual moisture. Instantly a woody appeared in my crouch. What you need now Maria asked. Hand me a few wire nuts. I told her. Dis, she asked. No, no wire nuts. She put her hand on my thigh and reaching my hand. Maria rubbed across my woody as she sat back.
OOOoooShe sighed. Nice Dicky I said, We shouldn't be this, what about your husband? she replied, Oh heem, He married, but I not. Gringo you wanna do nasty? I grinned, I might be persuaded Whatcha got in mind? Maria lowered the tab of my zipper reaching in for woody that twitched at her touch. Her small warm hands gripped my manhood, Mocha Dickey she sighed through her smile. Maria kissed it, licking the shaft and jerked me off. She took a deep breath and my cock disappeared down her neck. Maria deep throated me as best she could. She sucked the head, stroked it a few times with her small hand and causing me to fuck her face with my dickey sending shivers thru out my body.
As I increased speed and depth, she did too, forcing her body down on my face. mexican pussy ain't too bad. She stood up & jumped on the beer cooler, spreading her legs wide. Panocha! PANOCHA, She screamed.
Fuck My PANOCHA, Her panocha was glistening from her labia. You want this I asked. Oh Yeah Maria moved close to the edge, Her legs high in the air. I got out a condom. No, no rain coat she says. I reached and separated her labia & pinched her little button, sliding between her panocha lips Maria went nuts. I donno if mexican dudes have a lack of size but, damn her cunt was tight. She threw her arms around my neck. I picked her up as she bounced on my dickey. OOOOooo, Yeah Gringo Fuck My Pooosy, My cock was between the peddles of her mexican flower. . OOOOooo, Yeah Gringo Fuck My Pooosy Hard, she continued bouncing on my cock going deeper each time she did. As I sank to the bottom of her void.
Maria kept yelling out my Pooosy, My Panocha she feels so goood. OOOOooo, Yeah Gringo Fuck My Pooosy Harder, she rode me hard and fast until her orgasm hit her insides. Oh, Oh, OH My GAWD Gringo, I Cum!I was holding her up in my arms. I sat her down on the cooler again continuing to thrust in her panocha hard. I placed her legs above my arms moving them high in the air again. I pounded her poooosy while I thumbed her butt. Once it was moistened well enough to do it, I retracted and went for her ass. No, NO NOT fuck my ass NO, NOIt was too late. I had already penetrated her tight mexican ass.
As she squirmed trying to get my dickey out of her butt. Maria kept yelling, NO NOT fuck my ass NO, NO She soon slowed down and began to enjoy. Feels so goood. OOOOooo, Yeah Gringo Fuck My bottom, She started to thrust back against me as my nuts slapping her butt cheeks. You ever see a Chicken (Hen) back up? She's looking for something! She what Maria reminded of. I fingered her poooosy and pinching clitoris while I pounded her ass. Feels so goood!. OOOOooo Yeah Gringo. Just then I heard the back door open. I couldn't risk being caught fucking this mexican chick. I hurried pulling my pants up.
Oh No, Gringo Fuck My bottom, dat's just my systa Marie. She screamed. In here Marie, we're in here, Her sister walked around the wall. Damn ur twins! Yeah identical Marie said. She seen what was going on, She didn't hesitate. She slid the shoulder straps from off her shoulders as her house dress fell to the floor. Maria & Marie were not identical. Marie had a patch of hair com completely covering her panocha. It looked like an over grown jungle with a canyon right down the center. As Marie watched my dick going in her systa's ass, her pooosy was showing signs of moisture and getting wetter by the second. Me too, Maria me too. I want some.
She jumped on the cooler next to her sister throwing her legs in the air. Maria said, Sis, Dis gringo has gooood dickey, he stay hard long time Marie started to finger herself and pinching Maria nipples. I thought (What is this lesbian incest) Maria said, Gringo, my systa has goood pooosy too! Her panocha is so sweet.
Damn they were incest lesbians Marie took her fingers to her Maria's mouth, and she sucked the moisture for her sisters fingers. See Gringo! She so sweet, All this time I was still fucking Maria's ass. She was grinding her ass back to me so hard I began to cum. In mid- ejaculate Marie took my dickey from her sisters ass and laid it across Maria's labia. As I continued cummming Marie had her fingers full of my creamy cum and fucking her sisters panocha with her fingers. I Next, she yelled.
Marie began stroking my flaccid dickey, soon it was a full woody again. She led me into the bar & pointed at the bar stool. I sat down, she hopped on my lap facing me. She rose up ah little sat right on my cock like she was born there. Oh Yeah, Maria he do have ah nice dickey She began going side to side, up & down. Maria was licking and sucking her sisters breasts. I just sat there and let these Mexican sisters have their way with me.
Marie's hair covered panocha was doing quite well. She had me cumming in large streams, She fell back into Maria's arms while continuing to fuck my dickey and French kissing her sister. Maria & Marie were in ah 69 tit sucking position. I held on to Marie's hips to keep her from falling. Maria reached down to Marie's clit stroking it hard & Marie did the same. I enjoyed watching these mexican chicks playing with each other. They both were getting off together. Maria slipped between her sisters legs and cuddled in close clit to clit. And began fucking each other fast and furious. I sat back and watched these lesbian incest sisters fuck.
They both yelling at each other, Fuck my panocha, Fuck my clitty, Oh YEAH SISTER. That feels so goooood.
Watching them my dickey came back to life again. I straddled them both. Marie grabbed my cock and swallowed it in one gulp. She bobbed on my dick in unison with her sisters banging her panocha. Marie had me cock down her mexican throat far enough for me nuts to slap her chin and sucked me off on her with-draw. I was close to exploding. I want it this time Maria, took my dickey when I busted my nuts. Gobs of creamy goop shot down her neck.
I thrust hard into her hot mouth. She took each stream and swallowed it one for one. Marie lightly squeezed my balls and sucked on them. The sisters were close to orgasm as well. Gringo, Marie said. Panocha, Fuck my Poooosy!no, No. NO Do Me Maria screamed. Listen ladies, I have only 1 dickey, You will have to fight over it. I replied. I grabbed my dick & pointed it at both mexicans Maria jerked me down on top of her. She pushed my dickey between her labia and into her panocha in one movement. Oh Yeah Gringo, Fuck her hard, treat me like ah street poota. Fuck your poota whore, I pounded her smooth hot pooosy as she fucked me back wildly stroke for stroke. Marie moved over my face and sat her large hair patch on my face. Lick me! Lick my poooosy Gringo you male poota, Suck me off I reached up and slapped her tits hard, pinching her large nipples causing her to ride my face harder. Marie smiled and said, Yeah do that again, & yank my hair, slap my tittles make me hurt so goooood Gringo.
I did as I was told. I slapped her tits hard & pulled her hair. She went into a wild fuck zone. Having a series of small orgasms. She screamed, OMFG I'M CUMMING SIS, Marie's orgasm lasted several minutes. She kissed her sister, then me. We fell in a pile of sex, sweat & cum.
Marie said, Hey look! She pointed to the window. The sun was coming up. My service repairs were not finished. The restaurant hadn't been cleaned & the opening managers were coming in. Very quickly the three of us got dressed just in time. I told the manager that a relay switch was bad & that I hadda go get one. I made my way outside to my truck to get the switch, There was a Federal Naturalization & Immigration van just outside.
Susie, These guys want to see you I hollered at the manager. She came out. The men said, Maam, we are with the US Immigration & we're here to pick up Maria & Marie, Where are they? Susie said something in spanish. The ladies came out. Handcuffs were put on them both. Ladies we have a paid trip back to mexico for you two. You need to come with us. The Immigration guys loaded the ladies in their van and off they went. I knew Maria & Marie would be back in Texas the next day.
I really enjoyed the night fuckin these mexican twins, but they were here illegally & being deported, Oh Well!

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